3 Spring Homekeeping Tasks to Boost Indoor Air Quality

Are you suffering from springtime allergies? You probably know that the air quality in your Boca Raton, Florida, home directly impacts the quality of life for you and everyone in your household. We have some tips for how spring housekeeping tasks such as replacing your HVAC system’s air filters and cleaning ceiling fans can boost your home’s indoor air quality.

Replace Your HVAC System’s Air Filters

Before turning on your air conditioner this season, take time to replace the air filters in your home’s HVAC system. Dirty air filters can contribute to a buildup of indoor pollutants and can impact your HVAC system’s operations. With clean air filters in place, your HVAC system will operate more efficiently and your home’s indoor air will be healthier.

Clean Your Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans accumulate an amazing amount of dust, even if you clean them monthly. Since it’s almost impossible to clean ceiling fans from the ground, you’ll need to stand on a sturdy ladder to reach them. Once you’re positioned securely on the ladder, use a soft cleaning cloth dampened with an all-purpose cleaner to wipe the fan blades, light fixture, and casing. Be careful not to get any moisture near the fan motor. When cleaning the parts of your fan, spray the cloth with cleaning solution, not the fan itself.

Remove Grime From Window Screens

Dirty window screens can block light and trap outdoor allergens on the screen mesh. If you leave your window screens in place throughout the year, spring is an excellent time to take them down and give them a deep cleaning before opening your windows.

When cleaning them, lay the screens flat on the ground or prop them against a wall. Using a scrub brush and a solution of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, wash the mesh and screen frame. Rinse the screens well and allow them to dry completely before reinstalling them.

While you’re spring cleaning your home, don’t forget to schedule seasonal maintenance on your air conditioning system. Call Den-Air Air Conditioning Rocket Cooling AC Repair West Palm today at (561) 533-0716.